Back to School? Headlice? Researchers say try Tea Tree Oil

September 1, 2013

After 6 weeks of funfairs, movies and endless claims of ‘I’m bored’ the return to school can bring relief for many mums. But come September as the classmates re-unite so do the scores of head lice which plague many a classroom.  Avoiding these unpleasant mites is difficult as they pass from person to person easily, especially as play time commences.

If these unwelcome guests do make an appearance all is not lost according to new findings. Evidence suggests that Tea Tree oil is a natural and effective remedy in treating head lice compared to the chemical insecticides which are so commonly used.

Researchers at the James Cook University in Queensland, Australia have quoted that ‘Tea Tree Oil achieved and maintained a 90% kill rate over a 3 hour period, compared to just an 82% kill rate when Permethrin (a common insecticide) was used’.

This research has also proven that Tea Tree will help to prevent head lice from laying eggs on the scalp initially. This is great news for mums trying to avoid common insecticidal chemicals, which can leave a toxic residue on the hair and scalp. Instead toxin-aware mums can choose a natural remedy.

Why not try Green People’s Organic Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner, these lovely organic products are mild, gentle and non-irritating for sensitive scalps, using organic Lavender, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree to naturally cleanse the hair. RRP £7.75 – 200ml.


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