A Miracle Rejuvenating Eye Cream

April 30, 2013

Now that I am expecting my second baby, the stress levels are not decreasing. Late nights at home combine with my hectic days at work are only adding to the tired look I get every morning. Luckily, Green People sent me recently their new sensitive Rejuvenating Eye Cream for me to test. I know that my eyes is probably the are the area that tells how tired I am and hence, needs most care. So I jumped out of joy and started using the eye cream daily. I’ve been applying a thin layer around my eyes each morning for the past month, whice proved to be enough time to already see the difference.

The pregnancy sicknesss has made me hate all types of smells, but mainly the perfumes and cosmetics aromas, no matter how gentle they are. The Green People sensitive Rejuvenating Eye Cream is neutral meaning there is not even a hint a smell, making it perfect for me at the moment and also reducing any chances of skin allergies.

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to apply the cream – it’s a light-weight smooth consistance that immediately made the area around my eyes feel soft and suptle.  This eye cream contains the essential nutrients needed to protect, soften and nourish your delicate eye area. The key ingredients are Avocado, Seedeed, Evening Primroise and Shea Butter, which best fight the signs of tiredness. Shea Butter is rich in Vitamins A and E.  While Vitamin E is known to protect skin cells from free radicals, Vitamin A is useful in neutralizing the harmful elements in our skin. In fact, I use pure Shea Butter for my bump as well and the skin feels soft and moistured (withought the itchy feeling from the streatching) all day long.

The Avocado oil can help reduce the chances of wrinkles, and subsequently aging. This is because it contains certain anti-oxidant agents that help boost the collagen in the top layer of the skin. Collagen increases skin strength and elasticity. Avocado oil is also high in sterolins, which are reputed to help heal sun damage and scars. Thus, given its emollient properties, it is ideal for skin around the eyes and acts well for the rejuvenation of the skin.

Evening Primroise and the Jojoba oils are rich in Omega-3 faty acids which are essential for the healthy skin, locking the moisture for longer, and the Rosemary extract is famed for it’s anti-oxidant properties. Additionally, the powerful Aloe Vera gives that slightly cooling effect while reducing inflamination and redness, while the Perilla oil and Marshmallow work together to promote an even complexation and to reduce the dark circles.
And I love that after I put it on, the skin around my eyes actually glows (in a good way). Another stellar product from Green People. I highly recommend it!


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