Deciding the birth model

June 23, 2013

There have been lots of discussions on the birth model we choose and the pain relief options available. With the Royal baby on the way, some newspapers published rumbles about Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of a rather more natural way of dealing with the pain of childbirth, i.e.   hypnosis.

I wish I could also make all those natural choices, but due to circumstances I’d need to opt-in for a planned C-section. But rather than being dissapointed, my mantra is ‘positive thinking’ and ‘being prepared for unplanned scenarios’… because sometimes things do happend not as expected.

DEDCC00620374D5693C5025339B78725.jpg.imgIf you’re one of those planning a natural birth, here is a nice products to relieve the childbirth pain: it’s called tLaboraide. I wouldn’t have a chance to try it, but you can :-)

Laboraide is a lightweight and discreet mouthpiece designed as a natural aid to childbirth, helping to reduce the pain of contractions and the duration of labour. This simple device acts as a cushion between the teeth which can be and alleviates tension in the jaw during childbirth. Independent clinical trials have shown that using a dental support device such as Laboraide can reduce the length of the second stage of labour by as much as 40%. The scientifically researched device also allows you to use additional pain relief methods such as gas, air, a tens machine or epidural.

There are a few benefits of this product:
Light – Laboaride can be popped easily into hospital bag ready for labour.
Natural – a non invasive aid to your baby’s birth .
Discreet – apart from mum to be, on one else will know the mouth guard is in place.
Comfortable – made from a soft, durable, cushioned material for ease and comfort

It’s available from


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