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July 16, 2013

Bath time is a nice, relaxing time for the baby but it could be quite stressful for new parents, especially during those first days. I was shown in the hospital how to bath my first baby, but then I still needed a bit of support from my mum. The baby is so tiny and slippery that you don’t know how to hold her, how to wash the head, how to tower her after the bath. It looked to me like a very complicated skill set I’d need to learn… in a day.

Now expecting my second one, I am much more confident and I am pretty clear with the main rules and safety tips of baby bathing.

When to wash the baby

For a newborn, two or three times a week is probably enough, as long as you keep the nappy area well-cleaned and wash his hands and face several times a day. Although I prefer to bath my baby every day..  For me the best time to bath my baby is evenings: bath the baby, feed her and put her to bed and sing a good-night song, so it becomes a nice relaxing routine that baby expects and associates with the night sleep.


You only need about 5cm of water in the bath tub. The water temperature needs to be 37-38’C as baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. I use a baby bath water thermometer to make sure the water temperature is spot on and would be nice and pleasant for my baby.

Holding the baby

You need to hold your baby firmly and to gently wash away any dirt or loose skin that’s accumulated. I always keep one hand on herwhile she’s in the bath, even when my daughter was not a newborn anymore, and I used to cradle her head and back as I wash her.

e_29Bath essentials

Once the cord stump has fallen off, the baby is ready for a real bath in a baby tub (still haven’t decided which one to buy, but would prefer to have a bath supporter, so that baby can lie on it. Any suggestions?) If I don’t have a bath tub supporter, I pad the bottom with a towel to make it softer. I prepare everything I’ll need beforehand so I don’t have to scrabble around during the bath. Here’s my very simple bath essentials list:

– Organic cotton towel, such as the Cuddledry Original Baby Tower
– Organic cotton mitt, such as the soft Cuddlemitt
– Cotton wool balls
– Baby bath wash, such as Organic Babies No Scent Baby Wash and Shampoo
– Pure organic oil (such as almond or kernel oil), Organic Babies Salve or the new Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm

image.aspxI use the cotton for cleaning the most delicate parts such as the face and the neck, and the super soft Cuddlemitt for the rest of the body. It’s easy to use:  I just wear it like a mitten when bathing, and it’s got soft corners, which is brilliant for gently washing eyes and ears. I love the fact it contains bamboo fibre and pure cotton which makes it silky soft with a natural antibacterial quality hanging loop – success.

I am very careful when using a soap as it can remove your baby’s natural moisturisers and dry his skin. I only use the Organic Babies No Scent Baby Wash and Shampoo, as it’s mild and gentle for the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s suitable for washing body, hair and nappy area so it’s saves money (i.e. you don’t need to invest in a baby wash and a shampoo separately, plus a little goes a long way and lasts for much longer than off-the-shelf products). It has got gentle cleansing properties to retain natural skin and scalp oils, while protecting the delicate skin from dryness and irritation.

s_102To tower the baby the best possible baby tower I’ve ever come across is the Gingham edge organic cotton Cuddledry. This is not a usual bath tower; it’s so much more than that. This super soft baby bath towel is made with the finest unbleached cotton, and edged with a stylish gingham trim. This unique hooded apron towel makes bathtime safe, simple and snug both for the parents and for the baby. The way it’s being designed let me stay dry, I can lift my baby from bathwater easily and naturally (it’s like a hug really) and the baby stays warm and tenderly wrapped so everyone is happy and calm. The one I received to review is a nice natural colour as well, but the Cuddledry baby towels also come in other soft baby colours, so parents have a choice.
– It’s comfortable and secure, so it makes bathing a stress-free, bonding time
– It has a double-layer system with hood – draws water away from baby’s skin and hair
– It’s made with pure cotton grown with no chemicals so it’s ideal for the baby’s skin

What’s really unique though is the apron-style as it keeps hands free for bathing and lifting and keeps you dry while cocooning the baby.

image.aspxOut of the bath, I use the time to continue bonding with the baby, giving her a nice massage with pure organic oils and applying the Organic Babies salve or the new Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm to the nappy area. I’ve been using the No Scent Mum & Baby Rescue Balm for myself as well, as it’s nice and gentle for both mum and baby (as it says on the label). I can only use no-scent products at the moment, so the no scent range is just perfect. I’ve been rubbing it to my bump to avoid stretch marks and I am planning to use it while breastfeeding to soften the nipples (remember feeling quite sore with my first baby) – the Organic Calendula and Vitamin E soothe sore cracked nipples before and after breastfeeding.

But this product is also great for the baby. It’s rich in Organic Shea Butter to reduce dry skin (I love Shea Butter and truly believe it’s a magic ingredient for soothing dry skin). It also contains organic sunflower, sweet almond and hemp seed oil but at the same time it’s fragrance free and gentle for frequent use, including for those who may be prone to eczema. Really love this scent-free rescue balm, which I’ll be sharing with my baby.

If you have any other tips for safe and stress-free baby bathing, please share them below.

Disclaimer: All mentioned products in this post are being sent to me for review purposes.


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