What’s good for little ones? Join the Organix little explorers adventure on the Goodies explore tour this summer

If you want some entertainment for your little ones this summer, look out for the fun packed Goodies explore tour, visiting family festivals across the UK and stopping at a local supermarket near you.


You can catch the Goodies explore tour at the River Cottage Food Fair, Kent County Show, The 3 Foot People Festival, Festival on the Farm and The Big Feastival (dates and locations below).  There is also the chance for mums and dads to request a visit for the chance to get the Goodies explore tour to pop up at their little ones birthday party, local village fete or special event.

The Goodies explore tour will travel the country between May and September and will feature a range of fun activities for little explorers:

-  Interactive game to encourage toddlers to explore the wonders of nature

- Ideas for exploring the world of grow your own

-  Inspiring ways to get fussy eaters to explore the taste, texture, shape and colour of food

- A chance for frantic scribblers and doodlers to explore their creative side on chalkboards

- A free Goodies explorer bag for every little explorer to take home

As little ones become more independent they develop a natural curiosity and appetite to explore – as they start to learn about themselves and the world around them.

For a little extra inspiration, Goodies has developed an explorers’ pack – full of fun and imaginative activities for parents to do with their toddler.  Our explorer pack is full of adventures to help your little explorers learn about the food and the world around them. From imaginative games and storytelling, to trying new foods, making food together and getting closer to nature.

Each pack contains a wall chart and stickers to record and reward their adventures, a special explorer badge, seeds to grow their own food and much more. Look out for the special Goodies on pack promotion on selected foods in store from mid June 2014 and if you come to one of our explore tour events you could win an exclusive Goodies explorer tin. To find out more visit: www.organix.com/explorerpack

Goodies explore tour visits festivals across the UK

River Cottage Food Festival, Dorset                         24-26th May 2014

The 3 Foot People Festival, Essex                              24th–26th June 2014

Kent County Show                                                           11th–13th July 2014

Festival on the Farm, Norfolk                                      26th July 2014

The Big Feastival, Oxfordshire                                    29th – 31st August 2014


Goodies explore tour visits retailers

The tour will also visit retailers throughout the summer – more news to come on tour venues and dates.


Pop up tours – mystery destinations … you decide …

Organix will have four mystery destination pop up events.  Do you have a special party, event or reason for a celebration?  If so, why not request a tour visit for your little one on our website from May.



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Weekend Box: Getting Crafty

I came across a nice new company Weekend Box.  It’s a new concept for having healthy, green and creative activities for your children aged 4-6 delivered right through your door every fortnight. The boxes are sent out (with free delivery) in time for the weekend every fortnight and since everything’s included in the box, you can focus on spending time having fun with your little ones.

I received one to try with my 6-year old who loves crafts. Inside my Weekend Box there were four activities, one from each of the following categories:

Something to Cook
Something to Make
Something to Explore and
Something Green

Most of the materials for each activity were included in the box. Instructions cards were also enclosed.
Each activity is designed to build sensory exploration skills within little ones aged 3-8 as well as help teach them about different life skills in a fun and engaging way.

If you like the idea you could order your Weekend Box here.


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Weaning Diary: Messy all Around

Finally, the mess is all around. I am talking about the weaning baby purees – all – over – clothes – and- on the floor type of mess. My little one started eating solids (well, not quite solid yet) a few weeks ago and I am quite exited. You’re probably wondering why. I mean, who likes mess after all. Well, I quite like looking at my girl enjoying those first tastes and if that means mess, mess it is. First things first; let me tell you all about our weaning experience.

Dr Frankie Phillips, a registered dietician and leading child nutritionist, and Nutritional Advisor to Organix, shared a few interesting facts about weaning, which I’ve been following with my baby.

Ready for weaning:

The key signs that your baby may be ready for weaning are:

?   They can co-ordinate their hands, eyes and mouth – in other words they can see food, pick it up and put it in their mouth

?   They can sit by themselves and hold their head upright

?   You may notice these things too, but they don’t necessarily mean your baby is ready for weaning:

  1. Chewing their fingers or fists
  2. Wanting more milk feeds
  3. Starting to wake more often


Starting weaning

Baby cereal mixed with your baby’s usual milk with added fruit or vegetables that have been pureed or very well mashed make good first foods. You might like to give your little one a little of their usual milk before you offer solid foods. It might seem a little counter-intuitive but they are more likely to refuse food if they are feeling very hungry.

IMAG0822To get started settle them in their highchair and offer a weaning spoon with a little food on the tip, or you can use your finger as long as it’s very clean! Be patient – this is a new experience for your baby and it’s pretty likely that the first few mouthfuls will come straight back out. Remember they have only had milk for six months!

Your little one is only used to sucking rather than using their tongue to move food to the back of their mouth. Keep trying, and within a few days your baby will start learning this important skill and hopefully really enjoying their first foray into real food.

Once they have mastered eating, you can increase the number of spoonfuls your baby has each day, gradually building up to having two then three meals per day.

Here’s the Organix top 10 weaning purées:
Apple Purée

Avocado Purée

Banana Purée

Broccoli Purée

Butternut Squash Purée

Carrot Purée

Courgette Purée

Mango Purée

Parsnip Purée

Some foods to avoid

Until six months it’s best to avoid any foods that may cause allergies. These include anything containing nuts or seeds, wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish and cows’ milk.

You can introduce these foods once your little one is used to eating. If you have a history of allergies in the family, it’s a good idea to introduce them one at a time, so that you can spot any allergic reactions.

Other foods to avoid include honey, raw shellfish, soft unpasteurised cheeses, added salt and sugar.

riceSo the lovely Organix company sent me a few first baby foods to try, suitable from 4+ months. I have to say that I waited until my princess reached 6 months before introducing any solids. So far she’s been exclusively breastfed and due to allergies in the family I wanted to introduce new tastes gradually and carefully. This means that I introduced a new food at a time and waited 2-3 days for any potential reactions before introducing the next one. I also started with the least allergenic foods, such as the Organix Baby Rice. I mixed a teaspoon of the baby rice with 2-3 teaspoons of breast milk to reate a smooth consistency, almost liquidy at first, so it’s close to the taste my baby was used to up until now. The Organix Baby Rice is easy to swallow and it’s so gentle to the baby stomach. I know babies sometimes may be reluctant to start the weaning or to try new tastes, but luckily my little one loved it (well, there were a few surprised looks at first but they quickly turned into enjoyment). It’s organic and pure baby rice, which means no junk, no added salt and sugar, and no chemicals.

The Organix Baby Rice one of the five new organic cereals for babies from 4+months (Stage 1) to 7+ months (Stage 2), launched just a couple of weeks ago. Based on research the company has done, banana, strawberry, mango and plum are the most appealing flavours in taste tests; and that 43% of parents are offering cereals most days.  I am one of them, indeed. I start the day with a tasty cereal breakfast of either Organix Baby Rice mixed with pureed fruit like apple, pear or banana, or one of their other cereal products such as the light and fluffy creamy Organix Strawberry and Banana Porridge or the Organix Banana and Mango Porridge.

indexWe also tried a few of the first baby fruit purees by Organix, which are ideal for feeding the baby when out and about. We’ve just book a cottage for a few days next month, so I’ll be stocking on Organix fruit and vegetable purees.

231051167alt2Obviously offering freshly cooked fruits and vegetables is great when you’ve got the time to prepare. With a few sticks and a kitchen helper in a form of a quality baby food steamer and blender, it’s no hassle at all. Like this Phillips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender. It gently steams fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. It’s quite clever, too: just simply flip the jar over and you can start blending all the freshly steamed food, keeping all the nutrients locked inside. And it’s no mess as well, just steam, flip and blend, without the need to transfer from one appliance to another. It make a healthy, wholesome baby meal simply and quickly which is probably what I liked most about this product, but there are lots of other benefits as well.

It’s nice design and it’s very compact, taking so little space on my kitchen plot. So the storage space needed is minimal, when not in use.

It’s easy to clean, as there are just a few parts to wash really.

The consistency of the pureed food is great: blending a few extra seconds makes it so smooth and silky, my baby couldn’t get enough of the sweet potatoes and spinach puree she had the other day. Blending a few seconds less and you can start introducing a bit more challenging consistency to the growing baby, getting used to new textures and tastes. This makes it suitable for every stage of the weaning, so I don’t need to invest in a new product over time; it’s both time and money saver.

Because it retains the cooking liquids, it means no vitamins and minerals are lost. And preserving nutrients is so important for the healthy eating.

It also comes with age-appropriate recipes and information on weaning, which is so valuable by every new parent starting their babies on solids.

It’s great that I can make baby purees quickly, but with my busy schedule I still needed an extra solution to save time. And here come another great products from OXO: the OXO Baby Food Freezer Tray and the Oxo Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers (120ml) Set. I started using the Freezing Tray straight away. Each freezing ‘nest’ is 22g, making it ideal for those first little portions. I steam and blend baby purees, which I then transfer to the OXO Food Freezer and the next day I transfer the food blocks to freezing bag, making the product ready for use again. So far I’ve stocked on a few different fruit and vegetable purees which gives me plenty of choice every day to help my baby explore new tastes, rich in vitamins and minerals and so tasty, too.

IMAG0818The OXO Storage Containers Set consists of 120ml storage blocks which would be so useful for the second weaning stage in a couple of weeks. Both products are BPA-free, which is very important, especially when transferring hot food into them. They are also dishwasher safe, microwave safe (although I try to stay away from the microwave) and are suitable for fridge and freezer. The innovative tray design releases cubes easily, and the cover also makes it easy to stack multiple trays, and eliminates odour from permeating your cubes so baby food stays fresh. The Freezer Tray comes apart easily and is dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. Makes fourteen 22 ml cubes. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

The storage containers are also quite cleverly designed. Each one fits into the freezing tray, and has measurement markings to make portioning a snap. The containers are airtight, watertight and leakproof, which makes them also suitable for use on the go. Now you can WIN a Baby Food Freezing Tray – go to our Competitions page for more details.

So, I’m sure you got my point. With a few organic healthy foods and a those innovative great products, weaning could be quite fun! Happy days!

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My New Little Helper: BÉABA’s Bib’Second Control

My little one is nearly 6 months old, so I will be weaning her on solids soon. I look forward to it, yet remember the hassle with cooking food in bulks and then having to defrost and warm up to the right temperature, preferably not by using a microwave. So I was very happy when offered to try and review the new BÉABA’s Bib’Second Control. It’s one of those smart inventions that make your life so much easier, you wonder why this product hasn’t been invented earlier.

911466-BIB SECONDES CONTROL GIPSY - smallI started using it straight away. I am still breastfeeding exclusively but sometimes I express and freeze breast milk for the times I am not around and my husband needs to feed my little princess. He is very hand on farther, but he still needs things to be simplified for him, and detailed instructions explained and written down (just in case). So finding out that the BÉABA’s Bib’Second Control defrosts breast milk and warms it up to the right temperature, I was so relieved. There is not much to explain to him either – you put the milk in the bottle and press the button, and voilà – a few seconds later you have the breast milk in the perfect temperature.

Did I mention that BÉABA’s Bib’Second Control saves me the hassle to sterilise the bottle as well. Indeed, it does it all for me. It can sterilise a small or a big bottle, whatever your baby’s feeding needs are, in no time either. The dummy just fall on the floor? No need for me to waste electricity to sterilise it in a big steriliser; just pop it in the BÉABA’s Bib’Second Control and it’s clean and ready again for use in seconds.

When I start weaning my baby in a couple of weeks time, I know I will be cooking in bulks again and then freeze in small containers. It would be great to know that a warm nutritious and home cooked meal for my child is just a few minutes away from taking it out of the fridge to serving it, thanks to this clever invention from BÉABA.

Going on family weekends away or holidays would save me so much trouble as well, as I won’t need to worry about carrying a steriliser plus making sure a microwave is available to defrost and warm up baby food. I can just carry one compact product, the BÉABA’s Bib’Second Control, and we’ll be all set.

beaba-bib-second-controlSo how does it work? Thanks to a heat-sensitive probe, the temperature that you choose is conducted throughout the bottle from the inside out. With just one simple touch of a button, you can choose from room or body temperature (22°C or 37°C) and select the right warmth for your baby. What’s more, as it automatically turns off when the centre of the bottle reaches the desired chosen temperature, your watched pot can indeed boil, (with or without your attention that is).

The precise thermometer guarantees the correct temperature every time, so you can rest assured that it’s safe for baby. Unlike other bottle warmers and sterilisers, there’s no need to enter the starting temperature or the amount of liquid to be heated. Simply select the desired temperature for the bottle or food and voilà; the probe does the rest. Once heated, it safely keeps bottles or jars warm for up to 10 minutes.

Apart from being so functional and compact, I love its design as well. I think BÉABA has its mark on every product they do, so the BÉABA’s Bib’Second Control is no exception – clear stylish design, nice pastel colours – just great to have it in your kitchen.

The product comes with easy to follow instructions, so it’s a game play for every mum (and dad) to use from day one. It’s ultra fast, silent and works with both glass and plastic bottles and baby jars.  It’s BPA-free which is quite important for me. It doesn’t contain multiply parts that you wonder how to assemble – everything is ‘bottled up’.  It’s my new little helper I love and wouldn’t live without. I haven’t tried any other product from this brand, but I’ll be checking their innovations and will be buying and recommending their products.

For more information about BÉABA, the Bib’Second Control and its great accessories range visit: www.beaba.com/en. RRP: £ 54.90.

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Help in the Kitchen: The Change4Life Smart Recipes

As some of you may already know, GreenKiddie is one of the Change4Life‘s national partners. Our initiative Closer2Nature promotes healthy eating and welbeing of small kids and features some of the Government’s campaign tips and advice.

So it was really great to hear about a fab app which just launched: Change4Life Smart Recipes.

imagesThe Change4Life Smart Recipes app is a great, free way of helping everybody eat tasty, healthier meals.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to cook or have new meal ideas. And remembering ingredients and keeping track of calories can be a hassle. Don’t worry – the meal mixer takes care of it!
Download the app today and use it to:

-Search over 100 easy, calorie counted recipes for breakfast, lunch, evening meals, puddings and snacks
-Find delicious meal ideas if you’re short of inspiration – just use the meal mixer
-Keep track with the handy shopping list, which organises the ingredients you need by supermarket aisle
-Email recipes and shopping lists
-Share with friends via Facebook and Twitter
-Learn more about being food smart and making healthier choices

You can download it now on your iPhone or Android phone.

Happy healthy cooking!


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